Want to take care of your business and gain financial freedom?


Calling all shutterbugs…

Ever dreamt of turning your photography passion into a PAYING profession?

Well, grab your camera, because we’re about to unlock the secrets of pricing!!!!

Know Your Value, and DON’T Be a Photo-Phony.

First things first: you are valuable!

Your photography and editing skills, the time you invest DESERVE proper compensation.

Don’t fall into the “race to the bottom” trap with rock-bottom prices.

REMEMBER!!! you’re a professional, not just a hobbyist with a fancy camera…

Beyond the Click: We All Know It’s Not Just About CAPTURING THE MOMENT!

Think pricing only covers the time you spend with the camera in hand? Think again!

Factor in the pre-shoot consultation (gotta understand your client’s vision!), the actual shoot duration, the time spent editing those photos, and the number of final images you’ll be delivering.


Market Research: Don’t Fly Blind

Pricing in a vacuum is a recipe for disaster. Do your research!

Check out what other photographers in your area and niche are charging. This gives you a baseline to work with and ensures you’re competitive without undervaluing yourself.

Two people doing Market Research

Package Power: Give Clients Options (and More $$$ for You!)

Not all clients are created equal (and neither are their photography needs!).

Create different packages that cater to various budgets and project sizes.

Offer a basic package with digital downloads, a mid-tier package with a set number of prints, and a premium package that includes the whole shebang – prints, albums, the works!

This gives clients flexibility and lets you charge more for a more comprehensive experience.

Confidence is Needed: Negotiate Like a Boss…

You’ve researched, you’ve considered your value, and you’ve set fair prices, but the client wants to negotiate. Don’t panic! It is normal.

Be confident in your pricing – you deserve it! However, be open to flexible negotiation. Maybe offer a discount for a larger package or a referral bonus.

DON’T FORGET THIS: pricing your photography is about building a sustainable business!!! Don’t undervalue yourself, but also be open to finding win-win solutions with your clients.

Now get out there, capture those amazing moments, and get paid what you’re worth! You’ve got this!

P.S. don’t know how to start applying these tips?

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March 15, 2024

Pricing Like a Boss

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